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Where can I come for an appointment

We are planning to resume some appointments from the 4th July. Please request to be added to our priority list when bookings re-open or buy a kit from our shop.

Home Visit appointments are made at a mutually convenient time to suit you and our Print Taker. These unhurried, more personal appointments are carried out from the comfort of your own home or another suitable location. You can find your local Print Taker using the MAP here

Instore appointments are available at selected venues on specific dates. You can book a 20min slot to come along or simply pop in on the day. To find a date at a venue please go to our booking page

Please note from 27th Nov we will no longer be offering appointments in Mothercare UK stores. For more information go to Mothercare & Memory Makers

Will you come to hospital or other venues?

Yes. Please contact your local Print Taker or contact us directly to request an appointment.

Can I book now before my due date?

Yes. Just let us know if you would like to change it at any time. Book here.

When will my order be ready?

Due to current circumstances with COVID19 we are experiencing delays and we can not provide accurate delivery dates. We have all existing orders safe and will be sent as soon as they are ready.

How do I get it?

Instore appointments - The finished order is delivered back to the venue where the instore appointment was held. At the time of the appointment you can request a home delivery option for an additional £12.

Home Visit appointments - The Home Visit fee includes delivery to your home address.

Is there an age limit?

No. There is no age limit upper or lower. We have taken impressions of babies who are just a few hours old to family members who are nearing the end of their life.

We work very hard to ensure that all our processes are entirely safe for babies and children of all ages.

Do you do pets?

Yes. Please see our full pet range on each of our keepsakes. We can come to your home to take impressions to suit you and your pet.

You get a print or mould?

Our techniques are carefully designed and our staff receive extensive training. Obviously we need to have a certain amount of control of the babies hand and foot but this is achieved in a comfortable way and the printing and casting themselves are very quick.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Yes, very much. The more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your little one is likely to be. In addition, a fed baby is more likely to be a calm baby so if possible try and time feeding so that your baby isn't hungry at the appointment. Listen carefully to the Print Takers explanations, they know what they are doing!

How will you open my baby's hand, it is always in a tight fist?

You can trust us. We have a very specific technique plus a whole lot of patience. A full tummy always helps. But remember with 3D casting, the position of your baby's hand is really up to them and that both closed and open hands result.

Are you the same people who work in John Lewis and Mothercare?

Yes, the Imprints range used to be available John Lewis Nursery departments.

Yes, Memory Makers Ltd ran appointments in Mothercare until 27/11. Unfortunately due to their store closures we can no longer offer appointments here. Read more about Mothercare & Memory Makers here.

Memory Makers At Home Ltd are continuing to run appointments in selected Fenwick stores, independent venues and offer Home Visits service. To find out more and book go to our booking page

When do I need to decide my colour and frame?

It is helpful if we know what type of keepsake your would like before the appointment so we can bring the right casting materials. As for colour, frame and adding a photo you can decide all of this at your appointment. Our trained Print Taker can show you samples and talk you through the options so you get something just perfect for you.

Can I include a photo with it?

YES. We can mount your photo next to any of our framed products. There are three ways to get the photo to us.

1.Bring your photo to your appointment

2.Upload your photo to our website after the appointment

3.Post your photo to the workshop

Your Print Taker will provide details of the upload service at your appointment.

Photos uploaded or posted to us after the appointment must reach us within one week of the appointment to ensure a normal delivery time. If the photo is not received by this time there may be a significant delay in the delivery of your order.

Do you have any offers or promotions running?

Yes. Please see our news and offers page with details of our offers.

Do you do discounts for groups?

Yes. Please see our news and offers page to see our offers for groups. Drop us an email us on info@memorymakers.co.uk telling us a little about your group and we’ll arrange a group visit for you.

Are you available for end of life and palliative care appointments?

Yes, we work with hospices, hospitals and specialist care units. Please talk to us about your needs and we would be honoured to help however we can. Please see our memorial keepsakes page for more details.

I'd like a home visit but there isn't a Print Taker in my area?

If there is not a Print Taker in your local area please still contact us as we will do our best to help. One of our team maybe happy to arrange an appointment in a mutually convenient meeting point for an out-of-home appointment (£29 fee applies).

Alternatively we recommend our Starter Kits which allow you to start the process of creating your cast or print at home. We can then professionally finish it at our workshop ensuring you have a premium, lasting keepsake to treasure.

What are your procedures regarding COVID-19?

The well being and health of our customers and Print Takers is very important to us. Our professional Print Takers will be following new procedures to protect the health and well-being of everyone.

We are taking priority bookings for home visits and also sell gift vouchers and Home Starter Kits. Please read our COVID-19 Update

Do you sell home kits?

We do not usually sell DIY kits as we pride ourselves on using highly trained Print Takers to get the very best results. However, while we are unable to offer Home Visits due to COVID-19 we have created a Starter Kit. Starter Kits include materials and instructions to start the process of making your framed 3d cast or print. After creating your mould or inkprint, you will need to place a separate order to have it transformed into a framed 3d cast, imprint or outprint of your choice. Visit our shop.

Prices for 3d framed casts created from kits include a refund on the starter kit PLUS 25% discount on our standard range.

Please allow 14 days for your kit to arrive.

Why are your kits more expensive than other companies kits

Our Starter Kits are not the same as DIY kits you can buy from other companies. Our starter kits provide you with the same quality materials we use. You are also paying to have your keepsake expertly hand finished and framed by craft artisans at our professional workshop. Keepsakes made in this way are more premium as a result.

How do I send my starter kit mould or inkprint back?

We will give you instructions on how to send it back to us safely. You will need to pay for this postage and we recommend it is sent recorded delivery. We will send your finished item back to you via recorded delivery.

I bought a starter kit. How much do I pay to get it made into a keepsake?

You will need to make a separate order and payment for us to create your starter kit into a finished keepsake. Prices are calculated by deducting the cost of your starter kit and then 25% off standard keepsake prices. Your starter kit will include details of your options and prices and how to make the payment.

How do I pay for a home visit order?

Your order must be paid for on the day of your appointment via "pay for your order" on our website. Your order total will be the cost of the keepsake + any home visit fee. We accept bank transfer, credit and debit card payments. We cannot accept cash payments. We unfortunately cannot start work on your keepsake without payment in full.