3D Casts Free Standing

Cold Cast

Other variants

  • Cold Cast
  • Lead Crystal
  • Solid Bronze
  • PolyOptic
What is a Free-standing 3D cast

Beautifully detailed casts made directly from a mould taken of your children's hands and feet.

Lovingly Crafted...

Free-standing 3D casts are further crafted by a leading team of Craft Artisans and produced in a choice of materials.

High metal cold cast resin

Frosted PolyOptic

Pure clear Lead Crystal

Classic Solid Bronze


The Cold Casts have a choice of three finishes, Bronze, Copper and Iron. The metal collar on the PolyOptic casts have the same options.


The plinths are sold separately and the casts are not attached to the plinths.


3D casts are available through participating Mothercare stores

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