We only use the best materials, professionally trained Print Takers and Craft Artisans to create your keepsakes.

It means you can be assured of a high quality handmade 3D casting, imprint, outprint or jewellery that will become a priceless piece of your family history.

Our Print Takers

Baby having a print taken

Taking high-quality impressions and casts of babies, adults and animals is an art in itself. All nationwide team of Print Takers go through an extensive training before they take impressions and casts for our customers. They then carefully send your impression to our London workshop.

Our Craft Artisans

Artisan preparing a print

Our dedicated craft artisans are experts in ceramics, framing, silver jewellery and casting. They take care to transform, by hand, each keepsake in our dedicated London workshop. They know just how to get every little detail highlighted, with the right about of colour and the best way to frame it.

Our Materials

High quality materials used

We use high quality alginate, earthenware clay, casting powder and sterling silver in all our keepsakes. Our frames are each handmade and from certified suppliers.

Our Promise

We are not a home based “kitchen worktop” creator of keepsakes. We believe your memories are special and deserve to be treated with care and craftsmanship. We have invested in the best people, materials and equipment to do just that. Our prices and product quality reflect this.

We are proud to be one of the only companies in the UK who commit to this.

You can trust us with your memories.